Locking Hitch storage box

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The Beech Lane Locking Hitch Storage Box will you give you peace of mind that you will never be locked out of your car again

  • Sturdy and secure box protects your spare key and valuables

  • Universal fit for all 2" hitch receivers

  • Included stainless steel combination locking hitch pin

  • Large, waterproof storage compartment

  • Includes a 100% guarantee, lifetime warranty

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Setting Your Combination Lock

  1. Turn the lock to the factory setting of 000

  2. Twist the lock to the “Unlocked” position

  3. Insert a paperclip into the hole on the side as pictured below and push inward

  4. Important Note: In the previous step make sure the lock is in the unlocked position. You should be able to press inward with the paper clip and it will feel like a spring. If the lock is still in the “Locked” position, you will feel resistance when pushing on the paperclip.

  5. Keep pushing the paper clip inward and set the dials to your desired combination and remove the paperclip

  6. Your lock is now set with the new combination

Lifetime Warranty Information

Like all of our products, this locking hitch storage box is covered by a lifetime warranty. Contact us with your Order ID and we'll get you a refund or replacement.

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