Portable RV Fridge Fan

Lifetime Warranty Information

Like all of our products, this valve is covered by a lifetime warranty. Contact us with your Order ID and we'll get you a refund or replacement.

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  • HIGH POWER 3,000 R/M MOTOR - While competitor versions use around 700 R/M motors, the Beech Lane fan uses a 3,000 R/M motor giving the most power to push the cold air throughout your fridge

  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - The high quality construction of this fan will ensure it holds up over time

  • EASY TO USE ON AND OFF SWITCH - Simply click on the fan when you want it in use, and easily turn it off when not in use to save battery life

  • ESSENTIAL ACCESSORY FOR ANY RV'er - RV refrigerators are notorious for having bad air circulation, causing the cold air to fall and your food to spoil. The Beech Lane refrigerator fan's powerful motor and design keeps your food fresh for longer!

  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - If the fridge fan ever fails or is damaged, it is covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.


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