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12V Portable RV Refrigerator Fan

A new 12V version to our tried and true RV fridge fan. Now hook the fan to your 12V connection for constant power and no more batteries!

  • Opt for a more permanent install over our battery powered version and use your fridge's 12V power supply to keep this high powered fan running all of the time. No more batteries! *Wiring to 12V power supply is required*

  • The 12V connection allows for more air output and power without ever worrying about batteries. Keep your fridge as cool as possible!

  • RV refrigerators are small, so Beech Lane factored this in when designing this fan to be sleek and compact while providing the airflow that is needed.

  • Simply click on the fan when you want it in use, and easily turn it off when not in use to save battery life

  • If the fridge fan ever fails or is damaged, it is covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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