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Beech Lane products go through rounds of testing before production to ensure they will hold up over time and be the best on the market. Therefore, we are so confident in our products that we offer a 100% No-Hasssle, Lifetime Warranty.

Whether the product was not what you expected, did not perform as you wanted, or broke - it is covered. Simply contact us with your order number and we will promptly send you a refund or replacement.

Important Warranty Details

Please note the warranty covers one full replacement with free shipping or a full refund to your purchase. To make a warranty claim, you must provide your Amazon Order ID Number. This is the number in a format like 114-8410783-7969437 which can be found under your Amazon Order History.

The lifetime warranty does not provide coverage beyond a free replacement with shipping or a full refund to your original purchase. The warranty only applies to genuine Beech Lane products purchased through Amazon or the manufacturer directly.

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