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Lifetime Warranty

Every Beech Lane product comes with a no-hassle, 100% lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Our products go through rounds of testing before production to ensure the highest quality. Therefore, we are so confident in our products that we offer a 100% No-Hassle, Lifetime Warranty.

Whether the product was not what you expected, did not perform as you wanted, or broke - it is covered. Simply contact us with your order number and we will promptly send you a refund or replacement.

Important Warranty Details

Please note the warranty covers one full replacement with free shipping or a full refund to your purchase. To make a warranty claim, you must provide your Amazon Order ID Number. This is the number in a format like 114-8410783-7969437 which can be found under your Amazon Order History.

The lifetime warranty does not provide coverage beyond a free replacement with shipping or a full refund to your original purchase. The warranty only applies to genuine Beech Lane products purchased through Amazon or the manufacturer directly.

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