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12V Evaporator Fin Fan
  • Beech Lane's fin fan utilizes three 2.5" fans compared to competitor's two fans to produce maximum airflow over the evaporator fins.

  • Simply use the four alligator clips to attach the fan to the evaporator fins. This airflow creates tons of cold air and prevents ice building up on the fins.

  • The fan can either be installed to the fridge light's wiring, or through the back of the fridge to the 12V power supply. Wire nuts are included.

  • The fan was designed to be very low profile when attached to the fins and keep all wires hidden to prevent damage.

  • Simply click on the fan when you want it in use, and easily turn it off when not in use to save battery life

  • If the evaporator fin fan ever fails or is damaged, it is covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

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