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12V RV Fridge Vent Fan 5.5" (140mm)
  • Waterproof high power 5.5" (140mm) adjustable vent fan drastically improves fridge cooling

  • Re-engineered sturdy mounting brackets fit American RV's

  • Custom user-friendly remote to control manual and auto modes

  • Adjustable temperature auto mode for easy automated use

  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

  • Should the fan be mounted on the high or low vent? What if I don't have a high vent?
    The fan comes pre-assembled to mount on the high vent and draw air up and out. However, if you only have a low vent you can easily flip the brackets so that when mounted the fans draw air into the low vent which then starts the chimney effect up to the high vent.
  • Can the fan be mounted on the roof vent?
    It is designed to mount to a side vent. You can use it on a roof vent, but you will need to get creative on how to install it with zip ties, etc. It will function fine on a roof vent, but is designed for a side vent.
  • Where can I download the user manual?
    Download the manual here.
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