RV Sealant Tape

Installation Instructions
and Troubleshooting

Cold Weather Installation Note:

The tape adheres best in warmer temperatures. When under 48°F, it can be difficult for the tape to form a complete seal

This tape is designed to form a complete seal over any leaks using an adhesive that is extremely sticky once properly installed.


To ensure proper application of the tape:


  1. Fully clean the surface using isopropyl alcohol and let dry. Mineral spirits, silicone, waterproof materials, and solvent residue can prevent proper bonding

  2. Remove the clear plastic liner and begin applying the tape

  3. Apply firm pressure to the tape to promote bonding. Skipping this step can prevent a full seal with the tape. Use a steel roofer's roller if needed.

The tape works on Metals, EPDM, PVC, Hypalon, and TPO. It does not stick to silicone. Do NOT USE the tape with mineral spirits or waterproof materials including benzene, carbinol, ethylene, silicone.


Denatured alcohol is recommended for surface cleaning.

Beech Lane's RV Sealant Tape stop leaks for good.

  • Waterproof, Ultra-sticky white sealant tape permanently stops RV leaks

  • Proprietary self-priming technology bonds instantly when installation directions are followed

  • Unique flexible tape structure allows for hassle-free DIY installatin by your average Joe

  • Designed specifically for 20 years of continuous outdoor exposure and resistance to all weather

  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty (see the bottom of this page for more info)

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Lifetime Warranty Information

Like all of our products, this sealant tape is covered by a lifetime warranty. Contact us with your Order ID and we'll get you a refund or replacement.

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